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Finance Analytics

Gain insight into your key performance indicators with Power BI

Finance manager checking data analytics

Are you struggling to deliver quality financial reports?​

Excel empowers you to perform complex accounting tasks, but exporting data for reporting purposes is a challenge. To link operational data and financial outcomes, you’re tasked with uniting data from disparate sources. You need a platform that works with Excel to provide actionable insights on your business’s finances.

Gain actionable financial insights

Data cohesion

Build consolidated accounting dashboards that connect an endless variety of financial metrics from disparate sources.


Learn how to build your own reports with our Power BI mentoring and self-service model.

Analyse in Excel

Analyse finances in Excel then publish reports in Power BI.


Combine financial and operational data for insights that inform forecasting, budgeting, and planning.

Power BI dashboard preview of financial report

Financial Report

Track all your accounts in one dashboard.

Compare accounts receivable and payable in real-time, including total, outstanding, and overdue amounts, filterable by date and company.