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Healthcare Analytics

Power BI for hospitals and medical providers

hospital staff using power BI for healthcare analytics

Are you struggling to meet complex reporting requirements?​

Producing reports that satisfy the constantly shifting requirements of the healthcare industry is no easy task. Demands from regulatory bodies, government funders, and medical experts all require you to unite complex data from disparate sources. You need an intuitive and automated reporting platform that delivers value quickly, before patient outcomes suffer.

Generate dynamic reports with ease

Intuitive and automated reporting

Easily integrate data from different departments into customised reports.


Become empowered to build your own reports with our Power BI mentoring and agile self-service models.

Regulatory compliance

Deliver reports that meet your obligations and ensure your funding.

Improve patient experiences

Discover opportunities for improvement with deep insights into operations, finance, and patient outcomes and satisfaction.

power bi dashboard preview of ER efficiency report

Healthcare Dashboard

Improve the efficiency of your ER procedures.

Analyse and improve your ER process by tracking patient’s journeys, case numbers, case status, bed allocations, lead times, and procedural efficiency.