Retail Analytics

Make profitable decisions with Power BI

Retail shop owner checking sales report on Power BI

Is poor reporting losing you sales?​

Without a user-friendly reporting system, it’s easy to lose track of sales in retail—especially when your business is expanding to new areas and platforms. But if you’re not gathering insights on customer behaviour, retail patterns and store performance, you’re missing key opportunities for growth and improvement. You need a dynamic reporting system that transforms your data into actionable insights.

Gain a competitive edge

Sales reporting

Compare POS, online and delivery sales by store, channel, region, country, item, sales manager and year.

Customer insights

Identify new opportunities with reports on footfall, sales, and new and returning customers.

Trend identification

Identify retail patterns and determine product classifications with basket analysis and seasonal insights.

Inventory management

Accurately forecast supply and demand with real-time inventory reporting.

power BI dashboard preview of sales and profit report

Retail Report

All your metrics in one intuitive dashboard.

Track revenue, transactions, profits and margins in real-time, with insights by region, product, price, date, client and sales staff.