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Recent KPI features in Power BI

This month, we are focusing on KPIs! We are highlighting some visuals that have been updated or released recently that we think you should try for your KPI report. There has also been a helpful update: KPI now has a tag on Power BI visuals category list in the AppSource.

KPI Ticker by MAQ Software

The KPI Ticker is a compact visual that is great for showing a snapshot of the progress of your KPIs. It shows the KPIs’ current value against their previous value, with a simple colour indicator for the performance. The KPI Ticker has the option to continuously scroll through your KPIs, and it gives a tidy view of how they are tracking since the last reporting period.
This is a good choice for presenting how a KPI is tracking without reference to a particular target. This visual from MAQ software was released in late 2021 and can be accessed through Power BI’s library of visualisations.

Zebra BI Cards 1.0 by Zebra BI

The Zebra custom visual got some updates in the December 2021 release that you can try out for your KPIs. The Zebra package has tons of options for displaying KPI information, so we will just highlight the updated aspect, which is the cards. Note that not all the cards are available in the free version of Zebra BI.

The cards shown below are a nice combination of a gauge-like visual with basic info about each KPI. We like how these look and how they can fit a lot of detail in a single visual, which is great for when you have a high number of KPIs to report on.

HTML Text Styler 2.0 (Microsoft certified)

Another nice addition to the KPI card toolkit is the new and improved HTML Text Styler. HTML Text Styler already existed as a custom visual, but it is now Microsoft certified. This means that the source code of any HTML is checked to make sure it is safe so that it can be exported to PDF or displayed in email subscriptions, among other benefits.

KPI cards are a common visualisation in Power BI reports, and with this tool, you can import your own custom cards using HTML. Here are just a few examples of some custom KPI cards written in HTML.

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