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Transportation Analytics

Improve your logistics supply chain with Power BI

logistic driver checking GPS location on mobile tablet

Are you struggling to gain operational insights?

To improve efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the logistics industry, you need to obtain huge volumes of data on everything from delivery times, GPS locations and third-party logistics (3PL) to maintenance and subcontractor performance. Collecting and analysing such a wide range of data can feel like a losing battle. You need a powerful reporting system that automates data collection and provides insights that empower decision-makers.

Streamline your supply chain

Operational insights

Hone your operations with insights on delivery statistics, GPS locations, on-time performance, port and warehouse performance, margins and more.

Subcontractor analysis

Report for and on drivers, pilots and captains to assess subcontractor performance.


Stay on top of fuel levies, demurrage, landed costs and subcontractor profitability for actionable financial insights.

Predictive maintenance

Avoid unexpected costs and downtime with predictive maintenance on vehicles and equipment.

Power BI dashboard preview of DIFOT report

Transport Report

All your metrics in one intuitive dashboard.

Dig deep into your costs, revenue, and delivery performance with real-time insights by region, carrier and delivery type.