Sales Analytics

Empower your sales team with Power BI

Sales team reviewing sales analytics

Are you struggling to gain quality sales insights?

To hone your sales approach, you need to understand what partnerships are profitable and why. As well as gaining insights into customer satisfaction and sales performance, you need to assess marketing, operational and financial outcomes. Uniting and comparing data across so many disparate sources can feel like an impossible task. You need a robust reporting mechanism that can handle the challenge.

Avoid missed sales opportunities

Customer insights

Gain clarity on customer satisfaction, trading frequencies, and profitability.

Big-picture reporting

Easily compare sales data with marketing, operations, finance, and product design.

In-depth analysis

Gain insights on sales by region, salesperson, service, and more.

Improve performance

Track performance and commission to identify opportunities for growth.

Power BI dashboard preview of a sales report

Sales Report

Plug opportunity gaps with in-depth insights.

Gain rich sales insights covering seasonal trends, rival performance, missed opportunities, sentiment analysis, market share, revenue, and unit sales, all filterable by category, year, region, and segment.