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CRM Analytics

Enrich your customer insights with Power BI

marketing staff analysing CRM analytics

Are you getting the insights you need from your CRM?

Your CRM system should help you understand your customers, streamline your processes, and improve your bottom line. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. Restrictive inbuilt reporting tools make custom solutions a necessity if you want to compare CRM data with external insights on sales, marketing, and finance. You need a system that provides a complete view of your customer. Power BI can deliver just that, whether you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 or any of the other leading tools.

Gain a 360° view of your customers

Customised dashboards

Whatever CRM you use, we can integrate Power BI so you can more easily make informed decisions that improve sales and profitability.

In-depth reporting

Drill down on the metrics that matter most to your business with in-depth reports by region, sales team, service, and more.

Big-picture insights

Discover how marketing, sales and operations feed into your customer service with cross-silo data visualisations.

Increased lead conversion

Improve forecasting and conversion rates with trend detection and real-time insights on KPIs.

Power BI Dashboard preview of CRM report

CRM Report

All your insights in one intuitive dashboard.

View your pipeline in real-time, including opportunities, product performance, top accounts and revenue, all filterable by location, year, account, and sales agent.