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Education Analytics

Improve student outcomes with Power BI

Teacher analysing data on student performance through Power BI

Is your school or university meeting its full potential?​

For an educational institution to thrive, insightful reporting is critical. Heads of departments need to analyse teacher performance, teachers need insights on student performance, and parents want reports on their children. Schools must also comply with reporting demands from regulatory bodies and funders. With data strewn across on-premises and cloud-based software, collating and optimising it for reporting is no easy feat.

Gain actionable insights from your data

Intuitive and automated reporting

Build a reporting platform that transforms data from disparate sources into actionable, shareable insights.

Improved performance

Identify areas for improvement with in-depth performance reports on HODs, teachers and students.

Regulatory fulfillment

Deliver reports that satisfy regulatory and funding requirements.


Learn how to build your own reports with our Power BI mentoring and self-service models.

power BI dashboard preview of school applicant statistics

Education Report

Get an intuitive overview of applicants.

Track application numbers by faculty, month, gender and diversity, with options to filter by location, application stage and marketing channel enrolment rates.