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Power BI Consulting

We help you gain actionable insights, fast.

Need help mastering Power BI?

Power BI has revolutionised the world of analytics and reporting, but many businesses give up on the platform before they’ve even got started. Ensuring the data quality and pipeline needed to implement Power BI is no easy feat.

A business intelligence consultant can help untangle this complex process, resulting in consistent, secure, and actionable insights from your data. For experienced users, a Microsoft BI consultant can provide guidance on Power BI’s more advanced features.

DWC has focused on Power BI since the platform’s creation in 2015, earning recognition as a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data and Analytics. Headed by principal consultant and Microsoft MVP award-winner, Greg Nash, our dedicated team of Power BI consultants provide tailored Microsoft BI solutions that will help you make data-driven decisions.

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Why choose DWC?

Industry experience

Our vast industry expertise has earned us status as a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data and Analytics.


Our entire team has focused solely on business intelligence and Power BI since the platform’s release in 2015.


We deliver value quickly through incremental build cycles that deliver iterative insights right from the start.

Projects DWC can help with

Gain powerful insights with our customised Power BI solutions.

Power BI implementation

We can develop and deploy an end-to-end data analysis and reporting platform for your business.

Data governance

We can centralise your data, optimise it for analysis, and develop a smooth data pipeline into Power BI.

Managed BI

We can set up and handle your reporting for you for a fixed monthly price.

Custom reporting

We can build custom, embedded reporting to fit with third-party SaaS solutions, Excel, and end-customer requirements.

Power BI project rescue

We can help to deliver your failing Power BI project on time and on budget.

Automated reporting

We can integrate and automate your data collection and reporting using Power Apps and Power Automate.

Organisational training

We can empower your employees to become self-sufficient in Power BI and guide them through complex projects, best practices, and licensing with Power BI mentoring and training.

Data platform architecture and process reviews

We can enhance your data platform setup and develop operational processes to facilitate reporting.

Our Consulting & Project Methodology


We meet with you and your team to define your collective goals and clarify how Power BI will streamline your decision-making processes.

Extraction and transformation

We gather the correct data from different sources and silos, fix any quality and security issues, and generate a storage solution. Your data is then optimised for analysis.

Modelling and visualisation

We define the relationships between your datasets then build calculations that fit your reporting goals. We then create easy-to-grasp, visual reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights, fast.


We share the data with your organisation to get feedback on the user experience and provide training, then repeat the process until the results are perfect.

Choosing the right
Power BI Consultant

Need help with your Power BI implementation? Selecting the right consultant will help you get the best insights from your business intelligence pipeline. This guide provides everything you need to know about Power BI and choosing a Power BI consultant.