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We have it down to a science

Our methodology delivers insights today, and develops your team’s reporting self-sufficiency.

Does Power BI have
you overwhelmed?

It’s a challenge to get meaningful information from the high volumes of fast-moving data that inundate your business. Poor data quality, data pipeline issues, and discord between departments can render your Power BI reports useless.

You need a Power BI consultant who can develop an end-to-end data pipeline that delivers accurate reports that satisfy regulators and consistently lead you to better business decisions. Our agile approach utilises constant experimentation and testing to ensure quality and efficiency in your reporting.

Our methodology makes it easy for you
to take control of your data analytics.

Iterative insights

Using the DevOps and DataOps approach, we deliver value quickly through incremental build cycles that provide actionable results.

Intuitive reports

Our custom solutions standardise your reporting processes, empowering you to deliver error-proof Power BI insights.

Organisational learning

Through continuous training and dialogue, we develop your team’s ability to consistently deliver strategic reports, in house.

Power BI best practices

We combine our extensive industry expertise with our Microsoft Gold Partnership to bring you the latest and safest Power BI capabilities.

DevOps & DataOps Process


We meet with you and your team to define your collective goals and clarify how Power BI will streamline your decision-making processes.

Extraction and transformation

We gather the correct data from different sources and silos, fix any quality and security issues, and generate a storage solution. Your data is then optimised for analysis by reshaping, summarising, and aggregating.

Modelling and visualisation

We define the relationships between your datasets then build calculations that fit your reporting goals. We then create easy-to-grasp, visual reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights, fast.


We share the data with your organisation to get feedback on the user experience and provide training, then repeat the process until the results are perfect.