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Power BI October 2021 Release Highlights

The new Power BI release is out, and now that we’ve had a chance to look through it, here are the new features and visuals that caught our attention.

The two languages that we use with Power BI

The two languages that we use with Power BI are Data Analysis Expressions, otherwise known as DAX, as well as Power Query M language.

A mile in your shoes

The humans that use and rely on a system are the primary source of information regarding its design. Period.

What does it mean to be data-driven?

With the benefits of data-driven decision-making becoming more apparent, the question is, “What exactly is a data-driven culture and how do we get there?”

Power BI Hack with Alice Drummond from Discover EI

Welcome to the first episode of Power BI Hack! In this episode, I’m joined by Alice Drummond from DiscoverEI, who is the Director of Environmental Analytics and co-founder of DiscoverEI. Listen in if you want to know more about environmental data.

Gauge Visual Colours in Power BI

Gauges in Power BI are some of the most appealing and impactful visuals in a digital dashboard. Users can quickly grasp progress toward any KPI, and this in turn facilitates informed decision making.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

This introduction to the MS Power Platform explains the features and functions of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

How to become a Power BI developer

Find out how you can become a successful Power BI Developer in three easy steps.

The advantages of integrating your CRM with Power BI

Standard CRMs only tell half the story. Find out how Power BI can augment your business intelligence and data analytics.

Tips for making impactful and interactive Power BI reports

These Power BI tips and tricks and report design ideas will help you deliver actionable insights in your next report.