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Power BI December 2021 Release Highlights

The December 2021 Power BI release is out! Last month’s release is on the smaller side but there are some high-value additions worth highlighting.

Are we being understood?

The overarching subject matter we’re chewing on here is the interface between tech and people. Peeling back the dimensions of user experience (UX), we will explore a wide range of human interactivity topics from enterprise UX to heuristic analysis and designing data visualisations, and naturally come to speak of the intimate connection of people with information and technology.

Power BI November 2021 Release Highlights

The second-to-last Power BI release for the year is out, and there have been some big changes, most notably to the reporting features. Now that we’ve had a chance to look through it, here are the new features that caught our attention.

Power BI Hack #2: Sam Fischer from Revenite and Apex Insights

Sam Fischer is a passionate Analytics Consultant and Power BI Guru, who applies his characteristic curiosity to solving interesting and complex problems.

Adapt Power BI to the Australian financial year for making FYTD measurements

This article provides a solution for calculating Australian financial years to date when only the standard date table is available.

Power BI October 2021 Release Highlights

The new Power BI release is out, and now that we’ve had a chance to look through it, here are the new features and visuals that caught our attention.

The two languages that we use with Power BI

The two languages that we use with Power BI are Data Analysis Expressions, otherwise known as DAX, as well as Power Query M language.

A mile in your shoes

Understanding the problem to solve and the impact of user research.

What does it mean to be data-driven?

With the benefits of data-driven decision-making becoming more apparent, the question is, “What exactly is a data-driven culture and how do we get there?”

Power BI Hack with Alice Drummond from Discover EI

Welcome to the first episode of Power BI Hack! In this episode, I’m joined by Alice Drummond from DiscoverEI, who is the Director of Environmental Analytics and co-founder of DiscoverEI. Listen in if you want to know more about environmental data.