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Power BI March 2022 Release Highlights

The Power BI March 2022 release is out and we have picked three of the top new features to share with you.

How Do You Measure User Experience?

UX KPIs reflect the overall goals of your business, such as revenue growth and retention, taking the invisible and making it tangible.

So, how do we capture feelings?

PL-300 (Formerly DA-100) Certification Exam

The PL-300 certification, previously known as the DA 100, is for anyone wishing to sharpen their Power BI skills. The depth, scope, and hands-on approach of this course covers everything from the basics to the intricacies of Power BI.

Visualisation of Risk and Uncertainty

Accounting for risk and uncertainties in business projections can be tricky. In this article, you'll learn a relatively easy numeracy work method that will allow you to visualise risk and uncertainties while taking into consideration the likelihood and scale of projection variations.

Recent KPI features in Power BI

Learn about some visuals that have been updated or released recently that we think you should try for your KPI report.

Power BI Hack #3: Matt Allington from Excelerator BI

Matt Allington is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP who specializes in teaching and helping business users leverage the Power BI suite to achieve positive business outcomes.

Key Performance Indicators

What is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)? Find out how to define KPIs and learn why they matter.

How to use the KPI Visual in Power BI

Learn how to configure the KPI visualization in Power BI so that end users can see progress towards a goal at a glance.

Development Design Process

For developers, The Four-Step Dimensional Design Process is a valuable tool that can minimize re-work and make sure they have all the data that's needed.

Optimize Your Decision-Making with Live Dashboards

Harness the power of our tailored Power BI solutions to speed up your insights and enhance business performance.

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Finance Analytics

Sales Analytics

Power BI Report Development Checklist

If you’re struggling to create impactful Power BI reports or you don’t have a set of guidelines when starting a new project, then you could benefit from using our Power BI Report Development Checklist. It covers many aspects of starting a new Power BI reporting project and should be applicable in most cases.