Slicer panels that can be hidden and shown

Sometimes there isn’t enough space for all the slicers and visualisations to fit on your page. That’s when a pop-up slicer panel will solve your problem. Following the steps below allows you to have a slicer panel that can be hidden and shown when needed.

Creating a pop-up slicer panel

1A. Create the following 2 items:

  • Show Slicer Panel button (any button shape or custom icon)
  • Text box or shape covering the area of your desired slicer panel area

1B. Create the following 2 items and place them inside the new text box:

  • Hide Slicer Panel button
  • All the slicers you need for the report page

2. Select all the items inside the slicer panel (hide slicer panel button, slicers) including the slicer panel itself, and right click 🡪 Group 🡪 Group.

3. To locate this newly created group, go to View 🡪 Selection.

Here you can see Group 1 with all the items selected in step 2. Lets rename Group 1 to Slicer Panel.

4. Enable bookmark view by going to View 🡪 Bookmarks. You will need it in the next steps:

5. Add a new bookmark to remember the page layout while the slicer panel is visible.

Rename the new bookmark and uncheck Data in its properties, as shown below:

You do not need the bookmark to remember the data selection of the slicers, because you only want page visual change when hiding and unhiding the slicer panel. It is best to mark your page name in the bookmark when renaming, because bookmarks are shared across pages.

6. Hide the slicer panel in the Selection view by clicking on the eye icon. It will turn to a crossed-out eye icon, and your slicer panel will be hidden on the page.

7. Add another new Bookmark to remember the page layout while the slicer panel is hidden:

This is the same as step 5 above, using a different Bookmark name.

8. Add Bookmark action into Show Slicer Panel button:

Select the Show Slicer Panel Button, and enable Action property, then select Bookmark as Type and pg1ShowSlicerPanel bookmark as Bookmark:

CTRL+Left Click on the Show Slicer Panel button, the Slicer Panel should appear.

9. Finally, add Bookmark action to the Hide Slicer Panel button by selecting the button and setting the actions:

Now this page of your report will allow users to show and hide the slicer panel.

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