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HR Analytics

Enrich your human resources insights with Power BI

Manager presenting HR analytics with CEO

Are you struggling to integrate your HR data?

As an HR manager, you are bombarded with information about employees. Tracking timesheets, training, performance, safety and annual leave liability is already challenging enough. Comparing information from various cloud-based and on-premises platforms can often feel like an impossible task. You need a system that makes data comparison and reporting easy.

Get actionable HR insights

Data cohesion

Integrate HR and operational data from cloud and on-premises systems in an end-to-end reporting system.

Simplified admin

Track attendance, annual leave liability, payroll, safety, and training with ease.

Employee insights

Simplify onboarding and termination processes with insights on diversity, employee satisfaction, performance, departures, and more.

Improved ROI

Attract, manage and retain employees, and make strategic decisions with bottom-line reporting on profitability by employee.

HR Report

All your employee metrics in one place.

Get a dynamic overview of employee headcount by age, gender and location; personal leave and FTE; recruitment, including number of candidates and time taken to fill a position; and termination, including rates and reasons — all filterable by department and month.